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is the platform to explain technical details, which would overload the regular product presentations. We would like to share this detailed technical information with TRINITY owners, like yourself or potential buyers. Please note, that even the manuals itself contain also a lot of technical back ground knowledge. If you need further technical information about TRINITY electronics or do you have any questions, comments concerning our website, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us.


Assembled “8-layer PCB with IPC 4761 Typ VII: Filled & Capped Vias”. The Photo was taken…

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Inside of the TRINITY DAC we have two dedicated high performance OCVCXO (Oven controlled Volatge controled…

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Trinity DAC

TRINITY DAC output spectrum 1kHz 0dBFS, 192kHz/24bit, 480Mbps duplex fibre optical USB2.0 interface. Bandwidth 10Hz-30MHz The…

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Beside the concerns of some recording companies like , TRINITY will not support MQA from…

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