Loudspeaker cable

The TRINITY Loudspeaker cable is based on so-called HF Litz Wires a technique used since decades for high frequency high current application.

HF-litz wires are produced using multiple single wires electrically isolated from each other and are typically used in applications operating within a frequency range of 10kHz to 10MHz. Increasing frequencies cause the current to flow in the perimeter area or even along the surface of each conductor – this is known as the „skin effect“. In addition, losses at higher frequencies are caused by the „proximity effect“, where the neighboring electrical field negatively affects the electromagnetic distribution against each other.

The splitting up of HF litz wires into several individual strands with a smaller external diameter results in improved current distribution. Skin and proximity effects can thus be reduced at high frequencies.

The maximum power bandwidth of the TRINITY Power AMP is 500 kHz even at 2Ohm loads, therefore the cable consist of 700 ultra-fine wires, whereby each insulated wire has a diameter of 0.1mm.

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