Golden Reference Edition

„There can be only one!“
The only real benchmark in the audiophile world.

The elegant design of TRINITY “Golden Reference Edition” and its unattainable technical performance will meet the highest expectations of our clientele. The measurement results of these high quality hand manufactured devices itself are a unique competitive differentiator. For the first time in the audiophile history, you can enjoy a distortion free playback of your favourite music collection. The “Golden Reference Edition” has an impressive sophisticated design with a 24 carat Gold platted front and eight 3mm Rubies as optical indicators. The gold-platted feet stand on 10mm Ruby balls (optional).

The “Golden Reference Edition” guarantees distinguished exclusivity.

After all, the “Golden Reference Edition” is the epitome of luxury, refinement and unrivalled distortion free electronic


The uncompromising audiophile aristocrat

MediaPC & Transport

Combines the finest electronics and the noblest enclosures

Rack & Platform

Operating the MediaPC & Transport becomes a breeze


The right choice for spoiled ears


Noise and hum free supply voltage


Creates a sophisticated and irresistible realistic sound image