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“The fascination with perfection is the driving force behind our work”

In an age of cheap mass production, we continue to stay committed to creating hand-crafted and meticulous measured  electronic devices – for one straightforward reason.

There is no better way to craft such exceptional products.

New Firmware for the TRINITY DAC

Fill in our registration form and get the new firmware update for the TRINITY DAC

Mono&Stereo have released a very detailed Review about the Trinity Phono Preamplifier with detailed measurements and photos.



The Trinity product Line represents the next quantum leap into a new era of music reproduction. It revolutionizes the world of audio systems by achieving absolutely pure sound. The new line is an experience in music listening, so true to life that the home hi-fi room becomes a concert hall – pure listening
pleasure while sitting in the best seats.

Reference Line

The only real benchmark in the audiophile world

Golden Reference Edition

The only real benchmark in the audiophile world

Professional line

The TRINITY Microphone Preamp is the “Swiss Army Knife” for low level analog audio signal processing.

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