Golden Reference Edition
The Golden Reference Edition PHONO is the uncompromising audiophile aristocrat.

Unsurpassed levels of engineering, the best electronic parts and unparalleled measurement results are hallmarks of TRINITY Electronic Devices.
The Golden Reference Edition represents the current state of the art in the Highest-End Audio market. The circuit architecture of the PHONO and PREAMP are based on an in-house ultra linear gain block, which contains 100 integrated semiconductors and above 500 passive devices.

The left and the right channels have two of these extreme low noise gain blocks. Put in a nut shell, each PHONO or PREAMP includes more than 400 integrated semiconductors and more than 1000 passive devices!!! That is by far the most complex circuit design in the audio market.


The Phono
The Gain Block with 46dB Gain


Flight Case
Foot with 10mm Ruby
MC Load Connector