SRL Mono Power Amp

Silver Reference

With our outstanding new TRINITY power amplifier you can really rejoice in the silence between the notes, because its noise level of -160dB is at the physical limit of measurability.

This mono power amplifier with its 432 output transistors represents the masterpiece among all power amplifiers, because its previously unattained parameters already border on a technical miracle.

The Total Harmonic Distortions are 0.00005% at 1kHz and 200W into 4Ohms!!

This unique amplifier can even drive incredibly low 2-ohm loads without significantly increasing distortions as is common in other amplifier designs.

This amplifier redefines the phrases „ultra-low distortion“ & “load independent” often used in the audio press for power amps with 0.01% distortions.

The human hearing threshold is -115 dB, which roughly corresponds to 0.0002%. Any electronic component that generates distortions greater than 0.0002% audibly changes the music. Even when the TRINITY power amplifier is operated at its reading limit, the distortions are less than 0.0002% over the entire audio bandwidth from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The frequency response goes far beyond the range of the audio analyzer of 200kHz.

The output impedance of 1µOhm at 20Hz is so small that it cannot be measured.

Enjoy your music with this TRINITY power amplifier and you will have the feeling that your whole soul is in your ears.


SRL Mono Power Amp


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