Golden Reference Edition
The “Golden Reference Edition” creates a sophisticated and irresistible realistic sound image and guarantees distinguished quality.

The TRINITY Power Supply Conditioner of Golden Reference Edition with its outstanding architecture sets new standards so that discerning music aficionados can finally enjoy their most beautiful recordings as if it were the true to life original.

The TRINITY Power Supply Conditioner is designed to meet highest filter attenuation requirements (NSA standard No. 94-106 ) over a wide frequency range starting from a few kilohertz up to 3GHz combined with a high surge voltage protection circuit which meets even the NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic pulse) requirements.

The design is parted in four equal filter sections and 4 additional ground filters for each of the four duplex receptacles. These additional ground filters are necessary to clean the earth line and in addition they decouple the 4 duplex receptacles and therefore the connected audio devices from the each other.

Beside its outstanding filtering characteristic it protects in addition the connected electronic devices for possible over-voltages.




Flight Case
Foot with 10mm Ruby